One stack for web, mobile & backend

100% open source full-stack framework that takes away the complexities of building modern web & mobile apps. Build effortlessly and scale swiftly from idea to enterprise.

Building beautiful apps with modern stacks.

Making the right tech choices pulling you away from solving the business problem? gluestack helps you solve most of the engineering challenges by recommending the cutting-edge tech. With the proven power of Next.js, Storybook, TypeScript, GraphQL, Hasura & Dapr, now focus on building the real solution.

Simple. Modular. Complete.

gluestack balances the power of standardization and flexibility. Our language-independent core helps ‘glue’ together swappable modules. Choose from the list of recommended plugins or build your own. Install in a jiffy and get started in no-time. Don’t build things from scratch over and over again!

Core Plugins to get you off the ground

gluestack makes app development faster by recommending the best stacks (yes, these are our opinions) while being configurable enough to add custom plugins to solve specific use-cases.

Our Ecosystem. One-stop shop to build that product.

We have an optional plugin that makes it easy to deploy any gluestack app to the seal platform. seal is a hosting service optimized and built for gluestack apps by the creators of gluestack.


Build your design system using DSX to ship multiple products faster with better collaboration, consistency, and standardization.

Let's build the future!

We have opened up the waitlist for developer preview, be the first one to test it out and help us build the future.